Emission du 4 octobre 2017

Morceaux diffusés :

La minute de Benny : Earl Nelson & Barry White
BOB & EARL Harlem Shuffle 1963
BOB & EARL Ooh Honey Baby 1969
JACKIE LEE Your Sweetness Is My Weakness 1970

Renaldo and the Loaf - The Elbow is Taboo
Al Massrieen - Asef Gedan

Bombay Royale - The Island of Dr. Electrico

TPAO Batman Ork. - Kara Topak
Mr Acker Bilk - Take My Lips

La chronique de Mushnik : New Psychedelics
TV Personalities - I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
High Tides - Dancing in my Mind
The Attractions - Slow Patience
The Vandells - I See Everything
TV Personalities - Pauline Lewis
The Prisoners - Explosion in Uranus
The Prisoners - Mourn My Health

Four Tops - Still Water
Charles & Eddie - I Would Stop The World
Cymande - The Message
Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour - Ti Zoiseau
BG The Prince of Rap - This Beat is Hot

Young Holt Unlimited - Listen Here
Detroit Emeralds - I Think of You
Del Airs - Ma Ma Marie

Safari : Gingko Biloba
Arthur Lyman - Ringo Oiwake

Al Massrieen - West El Ghabat
East Bay Soul Brass - The Panther
The Professionals - The Backstabbers
Vilma Lado - Une Etoile

Morceau Barouette :
Five Discs - My Chinese Girl

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