Emission du 4 mai 2016

Morceaux diffusés :

Les Pythons de la Fournaise - Maloya Ton Tisane 

La minute de Benny : "Clarence Reid"
THE SEVEN SEAS Super Jawls (1975)
GWEN McCRAE 90% Of Me Is You (1974)
CLARENCE REID Mr Hot Stuff (1971)

Edan – Funky Voltron
Jackie & Hortense – Stay By Me
The Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete
Henri Debs – Femme Martinique Doux
Ed Lincoln – Eu Nao Vou Mais

Chronique de Roady :
The TMGs – The Hatch
The Propositions – Something Different
M&S Band – Egg Roll
Henri Peters and the Imperials – Master Groove
The Illinois Connection – Po Boy’s Dream
Pigmeat Markham - here come the judge
Split Enz – I see red
Khaled – Raha M’Rida
Fikret Kizilok - Bacin önde ben arkada
Gum Drops – Sei Tu
Keith and Tex – Fat Boy
Ali Affandi - Esheleya
Chronique de Mushnik :
Jimmy Miller & the Barbecues – Sizzlin’ Hot
Joe Meek and the Blue Men – I hear a new world
Tornados – Costa Monger
Heinz – Big Fat Spider
Geoff Goddard – Saturday Dance
Screaming Lord Sutch – Jack the Ripper
The Spooks – the spook walks
The Blue Rondos – I don’t want your loving no more
Morceau brouette : Lord Laro - Sprekenzie

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