Emission du 1 février 2017

Morceaux diffusés :

NILAMAYE - Los Negritos
La Minute de Benny : Fortune Records
NATHANIEL MAYER From Now On (1964)
NOLAN STRONG  Adios My Desert Love (1954)
ANDRE WILLIAMS Just Because Of A Kiss (1956)
NATHANIEL MAYER - Village of Love / From Now On
ANDRE WILLIAMS & THE FIVE DOLLARS - just because of a kiss
BITTY MCLEAN - Baby tonight
CHRIS LUCEY - Girl From Vernon Mountain
REV GALEN - Do you Hear? - Psalm of Thanks - Heart Lyric - How Often Have I Smiled
NUR YOLDAS - Mihrimah / Muhayyer Kürdi
RICHARD DAWSON - A Parents Address To His Firstborn Son On The Day Of His Birth
SAJIDAH OBEID - Hala Ya Nour Einy
KALYANJI & ANANDJI - Pretty Pretty Priya
HENRI DEBS - La Meccha
BUCKWEAT ZYDECO - Make a change in your life
CARLO - Ring a Ling
??? - Get it Together
ÖZDEMIR ERDOGAN - Duyduk Duymadik Demeyin
Le Bandit Dans L'Espace - La Lune
SUN RA - Night of the purple moon
JOE MEEK AND THE BLUE MEN - Valley of the Saroos
DERRICK MORGAN - Do the Moon Hop
SALLé JOHN - Patekula
DAN BAU VIETNAM - Ghost riders in the sky - live

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